Here are some of the wonderful reviews, my guests have sent me.


Your comments are highlighy appreciated. Please follow this link for your feedback or send me an email that I may publish. Thank you very much.





Simone hits all the marks, which qualify her as a five-star guide: knowledgable, personal, punctual, friendly, and well-spoken (in multiple languages). In addition, Simone is a safe driver and possesses a delightful sense of humor. Simone superbly fulfilled the tour's agenda and allowed us to personalize the experience according to our interests. I would embark on any tour led by Simone and would also recommend the Neuschwanstein tour she provided us.


Michael B

January 2020


By far one of the best choices we made on our family vacation! Simone was extremely knowledgeable and personable. Before we even arrived, she was in constant communication helping us tailor our experience. 10/10 would recommend!



James H.

December 2019 


Simone was fabulous from start to finish. She was very responsive during the planning of the day and accommodated all our desired changes. The day was really well laid out and organized. We had a wonderful experience. Her depth of knowledge is exceptional and her English is outstanding. You could not ask for a better guide. Simone is highly recommended.


Paul W

May 2019


Simone... we were discussing you all evening and all agree, apart from the tour which was absolutely wonderful, how wonderful a person you are. We all also agree that on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the top, you are an 11. We hope to see you next year, God willing.


Phil C

July 2018


Yesterday we had a tour with Simone. We toured some historic parts of Munich and did a tour of Dachau with her. Simone had fantastic knowledge of her city and told very interesting stories regarding the history of what we saw. She handled Dachau with such dignity and respect while giving us a great tour and understanding of the area. I would strongly reommend Simone for anyone coming to Munich... she was friendly, interesting, knowledgeable and fun to be with!


Chris J

July 2018


Simone is an incredible tour guide. She is from Munich and has impecible English. She is very informative and has a great sense of humor. I HIGHLY recommend using her!


Kerry S


June 2018


Our choice of tour was not an easy one. Dachau Concentration Camp. We communicated openly and everything was great. Even though our ship was a hour late, Simone rolled with the flow and was right there waiting for us. From the time we met it was like being w/ an old friend. Our tour was quite emotional & Simone was right there to put an arm around us-compassionate and empathic !! Simone lightened the mood w/ a late lunch @ a great Brewery (not touristy). Simone is definitely not 5 Star,she is a 10

Jan W

October 2017


Simone was an exceptional guide! She met us at the appointed time, was well prepared and took the time to not only show us some of the incredible food "neighborhoods" in downtown Munich but to also uncover some of the incredible history that this part of Europe and Germany have seen over the past several centuries. Her approach was fun, exciting, personal and full of information and ideas that were helpful during the rest of our trip. I would wholeheartedly recommend Simone for this tour.

Ken C

October 2017


Visited Dachau with Simone. Her tour was more emotional because she read excerpts from writings of survivors and family members. It was a chilly, cloudy afternoon, which added to the somberness of the site. Her knowledge and ability to bring in stories of her family added to the experience. 

I highly recommend Simone for this tour and any others she offers.

Susan D

October 2017 


We have booked three tours with Simone and could not have been happier with her being our local Bavarian guide. Without her we would not have seen half as much! Being picked up by a private driver/guide not only makes travelling so much easier - it's also more fun. While riding in Simone's comfortable car she answered all our questions, provided us with background information about history, life in Germany and today's political situation. She adapted the pace when needed and also gave us restaurant tips


September 2017


Phew! What a busy two days we've had. Even when we flagged our wonderful guide Simone kept going. She maintained a professional and personable attitude throughout, looking after our sightseeing needs and getting us where we had to go (and back)! Simone was an excellent guide. We have used guides a number of times around the world, Simone with her smile, friendly personality and knowledge leads the field! Just a really excellent person and guide. Thanks Simone, see you next trip.

Simone was a wonderful guide who carried out her role with professionalism. We were impressed with her knowledge of, not only of the tour focus, but 100's of other historical, geographical, local and global facts. We very much enjoyed her company and her friendship. She was on time, her vehicle was well maintained and clean; she herself, presented as well groomed. We were a party if three, Simone did an excellent job and fitted right in with our group.


September 2017


Our day trip with Simone was spectacular! We could not have asked for more. It was a fantastic excursion to Neuschwanstein Castle and Oberammergau. Every moment of the day was filled with picturesque scenery and expert information and knowledge of the history. Simone even recommended a fabulous restaurant at the end of our day trip. We were thrilled with everything and would highly recommend hiring Simone to enhance any excursion.

Lisa M

September 2017


Simone had prepared a very good tour with quotes from publications from the time of Dachau. What could have been a very depressing experience turned out to be a thought provoking look at history. Great job!!

This tour deserves more than 5 stars. Traffic was awful. There were multiple road closures that were not previously published and this was a long, long day. Simone was cheerful and adaptable. Because of the traffic problems and the length of time to return to Munich, we suggested that the tour be shortened. After determining that my husband and I were interested in all of the towns on the tour, Simone refused to shorten the trip. She was determined that we get the best Bavaria had to offer.

Simone was very knowledgable and provided additional commentary beyond the castle's tour guide. Additionally, she found the most delightful little cheese shop for a fabulous lunch. Couldn't have asked for a better experience.

Joe B

August 2017


Simone was lovely! She graciously took one of her normal tours and adjusted it to fit our specific travel arrangements - even suggesting certain stops that we would have missed without her. She was very knowledgeable and I think I would have loved touring ALL of Germany with her instead of just the Linderhof Castle and Oberammergau areas. Highly recommend Simone!


July 2017


We had a wonderful day. Simone is an excellent guide and she looked after us really well. She is knowledgable, friendly, caring and is also fun to be with. The itinerary was very interesting and everything was superbly planned and timed. The trip exceeded our expectations!

Jennifer J

June 2017


We thoroughly enjoyed our tour with Simone. She seemed smart and was very personable. She answered all our questions (even before we knew what we wanted to ask!) and supplied us with a wealth of information. Her car was very comfortable too.

Mary R

May 2017


Whether you are looking for a guide for a small group or larger group, you cannot do better than Simone.  She is well-organized, enthusiastic and very knowledgeable with an endearing and engaging personality.  We are most appreciated.


Kathy and Henry Oechler

Princeton, NJ  USA 

April 2017


Well organized and easy to book tour. Simone was delightful and well informed and made the history interesting for both the adults and teens in our group. She arrived at our meeting spot with our first delicious "taste" and kept us eating and learning throughout the tour. Enjoyed her insight into present day Munich as well. She also gave us dinner recommendations. Highly recommend her services.

Susan C

February 2017


Simone was fantastic. She is a walking encyclopedia of Bavarian history, landmarks, and current day Bavarian lifestyle. She is extremely cordial and totally engaged my 14 yr. old sons for a brisk 6 hour walking tour of Munich. She is also an expert on Bavarian foods and we had several treats to keep us energized. Simone even cancelled an appointment to extend our tour at our request. She seamlessly covered early history, WW 2, and current lifestyles.When we parted we felt like we were leaving a friend.

R.G. April 2016


Simone met us at our hotel. and she was a delightful woman, full of knowledge and a real passion for her city. We had asked that she include art, architecture and history and she delivered on all three and more. Her vast knowledge and genuine interest made for a very enjoyable tour. I loved the way she moved through the city, walking, subways,& trams. The stories of who and why buildings were built made history come alive. We were glad we chose Simone and came away with a balanced view of Munich's history 

Sept. 2015


In the world of foreign travel there are tour guides and there are tour guides.  The services of Simone Brokmeier of Munich exceed both categories. Her guided tours of Munich and Bavaria are intelligent and thoroughly engaging, as well as rewarding.  If there is some aspects of special interest, she is flexible and accommodating; if you know little about Munich just leave yourself in her capable hands and you will come away with an amazing appreciation of this great city.  Don’t miss the rubrics on Simone’s website which contain useful and clever information that bookstore guidebooks don’t offer.  If you wish a truly extraordinary experience, one cannot praise enough the day tour to the Neuschwanstein castle, Oberammergau, and Wieskirche.  The views are spectacular, and the venues unique.  The ride outside of Munich in Simone’s comfortable car is an excellent way to engage in casual and unhurried conversation, with historical and cultural topics folded in, adding a personal dimension to a delightful tour.

Simone is an energetic and highly intelligent woman with an impressive command of English.  She is affable and pleasant and is very cultured and treats her guests with deference and respect for their time.   Considering the services provided, Simone’s Munich tours are a real value for money.  What we’re really saying is that her tours are the kind of tours everyone hopes to get but rarely does.


Robert and Milda Richardson

Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts 

May 2014


I don’t even know where to begin in explaining how wonderful Simone Brokmeier was during our visit to Munich and during the time leading up to our trip. She was our guide during a school trip with 27 people.

I was preparing a trip to Munich for 23 students along with a few other teachers from my school.  To make a long story short, the person helping us prepare the trip suddenly abandoned us.  I was panicked as this happened 2 months before we were to depart.  I did an internet search and found Simone.  She had many wonderful reviews and I decided to send her an e-mail explaining my plight.  She responded within hours assuring me that she would assist with all the organizational details for our 4 days in Munich.  Although Simone usually does individual and small group tours, she did not hesitate for one moment to take on the challenge of a student tour group.

True to her word, we exchanged many emails over 8 weeks getting everything organized as the only details arranged up to that point were our hotel and air travel.  Simone gave suggestions for activities during each day of our visit.  She was helpful in building our daily itinerary for each day and even made suggestions for evening activities when she was not going to be with us.  She went above and beyond her responsibilities as a guide and I will always be grateful.

When we arrived, Simone met us at the airport and accompanied us by train to our hotel in Munich.  The first day of any trip is usually very stressful, but Simone did everything possible to make the experience stress-free.  She was kind and friendly and was able to relate very well with teenagers.  Simone has two teenage children, so she understands the mentality of this age group very well and the students really liked her.

I feel I got to know Simone well after spending four days with her (8 hours per day).  I highly recommend her skills as a tour guide, but I also recommend her for her wonderful personality and her ability to easily adjust to the many unforeseen circumstances that can arise when traveling with a group.  For example, thanks to Simone, we recovered lost possessions, reunited with members of our group who neglected to get off the metro train with the rest of us, we arranged reservations to dine in restaurants, we negotiated with a museum after having to reschedule our group reservation, we bought group tickets for the city trains and buses, we made snap decisions to change the itinerary when the students got bored or restless, etc., etc.  When I say “we” above, what I really mean is “she” - Simone never wavered and was also there for us at every moment to assist with every detail, big & small.

Simone’s knowledge of Munich was incredible.  She truly knows her city and has a great passion for sharing stories, tidbits and historical information about every place we visited.  If you are lucky enough to book Simone for a tour during your time in Munich, I guarantee that you will have a wonderful experience!

W.M., Monaco, June 2014


Before I start my review, a most heartfelt thanks to Simone for such an excellent tour. Our full day with her in Munich was not only very comprehensive but most enjoyable. Her knowledge of the town and her keen awareness of a group's ability and needs is superb. In addition, she has a wonderful disposition and personality which created a great group chemistry. If she were to come to my region in the States, she would be most welcomed to stay with us! We won't use any other guide when we return to Munich.

D.F., USA, September 2013


I visited Munich recently with a small group from the United States and we were lucky enough to have found Simone through a German colleague. We went on a half day walking tour of the old city and it
couldn't have been nicer. The pace was perfect and Simone has so much knowledge about Munich! We all learned a great deal from her. She also had a folder with her with maps and images of many of the
Bavarian rulers she told us about and who had such a significant historical impact on the region. I'd highly recommend Simone to anyone interested in the beauty, culture and history of Munich!

J.Y., USA, June 2013


We have 510 characters to explain how the 2 days we spent with Simone was some of the best we have ever had on a holiday. This is impossible, so please excuse the single words yet all are of equal weighting when it comes to describing how utterly brilliant Simone and our tours where. Brilliant; sensational; passionate; informative; knowledgeable; friendly; amazing; special; accommodating; fantastic … the list goes on. As simple as it might sound, all we can say in the end is: thank you Simone. 

C.A., Australia, April 2013 



Oktoberfest in Munich can be a real challenge for tour guides. Simone made it the best adventure possible, taking us around Munich by auto, and then on foot. We were able to get the best mix of historical information and modern day living because of her vast knowledge of history, architecture and people, and her delightful sense of humor drove it all to our understanding and delight. Her invaluable insights gave us good local eateries and steered us to the Oktoberfest tents--she's the BEST.

This was our second day with Simone, like a lovely vacation with an old friend. A long day of driving at best, Simone kept it alive with great historical details and humorous lores and legends. It was a good match -- guide and guests -- she was able to make instant changes in itinerary where needed without sacrificing quality of experience. She was able to give us a sense of modern day life in Germany that we wouldn't have gotten with just any guide. You can see we think she is the BEST!

D.F., USA, September 2012 



This was a great day. Simone arranged a lunch at "the dragon" on our way to Herrenchiemsee, that was a highlight we will always remember. Simone's planning of our day was fantastic. The car, boat and horse drawn carriage ride to the castle was perfect. I would recommend Simone to all.

J.S., USA, July 2012


Thank You , Simone Brokmeier for the great tour & good time in Munich

your professional approche , your knowledge of Munich & German history was much appreciated ,

what a great way to finish our European tour at the Hofbrauhouse / What an Experiance

Rating of 5* out of 5* plus

Thank You Simone for the advice & contact help in southern area of Austria

without that my journey to my homeland would not have been the same

thank you again , you helped to make this a very memorable time

I , John & Margaret [louise] Kowal / of Edmonton AB. Canada

highly recomend Simone Brokmeier , for your tour when in Munich Gr.


June 2012




Dear Simone:

In May 2011,  my daughter and I had a 30 day extended European tour. The highlight  of those seven countries was Munich Germany. It is FACT that you are  
the "singular reason" for this decision. It was obvious you have great  
respect, talent, and experience four your country. We communicated on  
"tremendous diversity" to topics both local and global. Our walking  
tour of Palace, the special reserved dinner location, a very personal  
touch experience. I fondly recall your willingness to modify our  
TRANSPORTATION. In having this American drive the auto-bon had element  
of risk. We (together) managed to make this happen. Our ride to the  
famous Castle, thru absolutely breath taking country side was  
remarkable. I thank you for showing Vaughn (age 20) insights on being  
a MOM! It was obvious you have a family who is supporting your tour  
business. If there is any phone/written contact person that need me to  
provide you recommendation..please send my attention. We fondly recall  
you and again "really appreciate" the laughter, smiling positive  
attitude demonstrated to ourselves. The only other promise was for  
your son (the BMW) fan who may want to visit Washington DC. Our farm  
is located two hours South in Harrisonburg Virginia. My wife and I  
would be delighted to have your son, your family stay with us anytime.  
We look forward that time we meet or in Germany. May our  
Lord bless you, keep your family safe and live thru FAITH!
Respectfully Robert W. S.
Investor, Business Owner, Christian


May 2011